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VSTI Soundfonts.it (GSI) MrFury
MR FURY beta 3

Free for registered users to download

[Image: 15_15_04_16_8_33_26.jpeg]

A really old lost gem of the past
After years only here at Music-Society
A fair emulation of the Korg Polysix by SOUNDFONTS.it

from the dev:

MrFury beta 3 - 31 aug 2005

- Improved oscillators (less aliasing, richer harmonic content and faster boot up time)
- Added readout values pop-up windows for oscillators pitch selectors and PB range knob
- All knobs show values in a percent scale (0~100) except LFOs speed knobs which show Hertz values

MrFury beta 2 - 27 aug 2005

- Fixed several bugs
- Major CPU optimizations
- Fixed some GUI errors
- Added dynamic knob values display
- Nag screen only for 15 seconds
- Fixed delay time bug
- Added logarithmic response to Speed and Cutoff knobs (allow precise low values)


- Sometimes Delay effect doesn't restart working after it went idle
- Filter goes idle as soon as every keys are released sometimes causing clicks

The link:
.zip   mrfury_beta3.zip (Size: 1.64 MB / Downloads: 85)
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Thanks Kujaschi, this along with about 15 other old gems that you have posted have been well worth the visit.

I have had a lot going on for the past18 months and only today that I have had a chance to visit music-society again and have a long look around. Of course I have hit my download limit so haven't actually downloaded anything yet ! lol

Edit: posting the message increased my download limit !

Soundfonts.it MrFury VSTi v1.0 beta5 free WIN (32-bit) (2005) (extremely rare)

[Image: 1yvdMej.jpg]

Quote:Soundfonts.it MrFury VSTi v1.0 beta5 free WIN (32-bit) (2005) (extremely rare) is a Korg Polysix inspired Virtual Analogue Synthesizer with lots of warmth and sheer brilliance! ? Synth-tac-u-lar for Synthwave now.

.zip   MrFury_beta5.zip (Size: 1.65 MB / Downloads: 2)
Don't forget to write or click a thank you, because it takes a lot of work to search the files.
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soundfonts.it - a.k.a. GSi, makers of my favourite pianos (MrRay '73 and MrTramp), my favourite tape delay effect (WatKat) and the most authentic Hammond B3 organ emulation anywhere (VB3).

I either missed MrFury or have forgotten it - this looks like a great way to start the week!

Thanks Bam (and anyone else involved ...).
The changes from beta 3 to beta 5:

MrFury beta 5 - 16 sep 2005

- Improved FM on OSC2 (actually phase modulation)
- Added some more presets (32 in total)

MrFury beta 4 - 6 sep 2005

- Added some more presets, two of which show how to obtain PWM out of the two synchronized oscillators
- Limited the resonance max level
- Glide knob setting was not stored in presets by mistake, fixed
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