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Bundle Music-Society SpecialPack MiniSoftMusic
Music-Society SpecialPack MiniSoftMusic

Addvector 2.4

[Image: 1_05_02_16_9_46_20.png]

With this Synthi and his 8 oscillators it is possible to generate nonspecific waveforms. This waveforms can be morph together with 2 XY-Pads. The possibilities for sound creation are infinit!

- FTT Synthi
- 8 oscillators
- 2 XY-Pads
- 2 Multi mode filter
- Rich modulation possibilities via FTT generator
- Possibility to import one cycle waves

[Image: 1_05_02_16_9_58_15.jpeg]

Symetrizer is a additive synthesizer with resynthese function and analog style filters

- Flexible resynthese function
- Option for classic additive synthese
- Spectrum generator
- 2 XY-Pads , with this you can use the synthi as a drummsequenzer
- 2 Multimode analog style filter
- 3 Envelopes
- 3 LFOS , the second can take the waveform from resynthesized material
- FX-Section with 3 step EQ , Chorus and Delay

[Image: 1_05_02_16_10_03_49.jpeg]

I tried to reach the best sound quality.Trie it yourself , how close i reached my target!

- 3 oscillators with "analoge"( sine,saw-a,saw-b,triangle,square-a,square-b) and additive(full editable) waveforms with PM,FM,AM
- Noise generator, ring modulator
- 3 envelopes
- 2 LFO ( sine,saw,triangle,square)
- S/H module with 2 enterance and 3 speed modi
- 2 multimodes filter with self oscillation (24LP * 3 , 18LP * 2, 12LP * 2 , 12BP , 12 HP)
- 4 step sequenzer with 4 pattern a 32 steps (for trigger,note gate hold and modulation) , the pattern    have free assign midi controller
- Flexible distortion effect
- Phaser/flanger
- Chorus
- Multi delay
-8 voice polyphonic mode
- Full customizable GUI.You can change all colors and save your color shema it in the presets
- 114 presets + 11 from website (9 audio sample, 2 GUI sample)
- VST-Plugin and Windows(exe) version available.You will get both!

[Image: 1_05_02_16_10_24_42.jpeg]

Extractor is a additive synthesizer with 4 oscillators per 1-128 patrials.
The waveforms can be extracted from every wavefile , if the wavefile is small(min 512 samples) the result is more like the original. It´s possible to save the result as a txt-file and to load it.
This synthi has 4 oscillators that can be uses simultaneous and Extractor features a morph function that remembers a wave table or phase distortion.
Other functions are a multimode filter ,flexibly tone distortion , a step sequenzer for note , attack and decay envelope. As effect there is a hq chorus.
Orgel and digital piano presets are not included but this presets can be easy made with Extractor.

[Image: 1_05_02_16_10_29_37.jpeg]

FEM 1 is a pure FM synthi.Its free

[Image: 1_05_02_16_10_34_09.jpeg]

UniRoomLE.It is a reverb effect with a complet new inner buildup. In times of convolution-reverb you maybe ask yourself if it makes sense to develope something like this, but we think yes !Trie it out , its flexible and you can create your own rooms.
If you spin the buttons you will sure "miss" the metallic effect wich you can here often by other (free)reverb effects.If you hear something metallic , its intend, enjoyable and not necessary to create a room effect.
Watex 1.0

[Image: 1_05_02_16_10_41_57.jpeg]

Wave to txt-file converter.Made for Invector or other applications.
- Hear preview possibility
- Cubic/Linear interpolation
- Strech/Cut


[Image: 1_05_02_16_10_50_45.jpeg]

Invector is a Morph or Vector-Synthi ( depending on definition).
The main features are:
- 8 Oscillator
- 8 Voices
- 2 Multimodefilter
- Very flexibel circuit
- And characteristic chorus-sound

VSTI and standalone
Modcat 2

[Image: 1_05_02_16_10_57_59.jpeg]

Version 2 features:
- 8 voices
- New envelopes
- Velocity on/off for envelopes and cutoff
- Better support for automation and midi-controllers
- And better stability
VSTI + Standalone

[Image: 1_05_02_16_11_05_40.jpeg]


.rar   minisoftsynth.rar (Size: 79.2 MB / Downloads: 86)
Don't forget to write or click a thank you, because it takes a lot of work to search the files.
Free 50 GB Cloud
Pass if needed: bam4LoFo
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Great .. really great , to me this is one of the best collections ,
many thanks
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Smilie_op_007 Thank you  Smile
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