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Homeground Sounds ARP Vsti
Homeground Sounds ARP Vsti

Wer auf der Suche nach einem günstigen (35$), aber dennoch extrem umfangreichen Stepsequencer ist, dem kann hiermit abgeholfen werden. Die Demoversion des Plugins ist voll funktionsfähig und läuft ohne Einschränkungen 30 min., bevor man das Plugin neu starten muss. Smilie_op_007

Übrigens wer auf coole Musik von Homeground Sounds steht, hier ein weiterer Link

[Image: ARP-1-7-300x176.png]

Advanced Midi Arpeggiator and Note Sequencer VST Plugin for Windows, will drive anything with a midi in!

Product Features

Arpeggiator/Sequencer - Can be used as a classic ARP with the usual UP/Down/Alternate modes or as a sophisticated step sequencer.
Note/Sequence Repeats – This is used to play the note or sequence x amount of times before moving to the next note in sequence.
32 Note Sequencer Mode - This has a 2 octave range, centre value represents actual note pitch.
Direction Modes - Forwards, Reverse, Alternate and Random Modes.
32 Note Muters – Basically a gate sequencer that decides if a note should play or not, can be used with the Sequencer or the Arpeggiator.
32 Note Tie - Allows tie-ing notes for classic analog style sequences, and even works in polyphonic mode for chord like effects.
Vol Row - This row can be used to select a set velocity for the step so can be used for accent, or alternatively a quieter note.
Octave Row - This Sequencer Row will decide whether a step uses the Octave rules selected via a popup menu. The rules range from standard +1 octave to cyclic which create an interesting flowing sequence.
1-4 Octaves – Once the ARP run is complete it will go up an octave as far as 4 Octaves.
Fixed Velocity Mode – can use a fixed Velocity instead of played velocity, which is set via a knob.
Latch Mode – Holds the note until the next one is played.
Pulse Width – When Latch is off, this determines how long the pulse is, affecting how long the note trigger is held.
Hold – This will hold any pressed keys until hold is depressed.
7 Control Change Sequencers - Each can be used modulate a CC either in step mode or Linear Mode (which behaves more like an envelope where the steps are the points).
Velocity Sequencer - Control the Velocity of each step in the Sequencer.
Full Range Keyboard - Can be used for seeing held notes, or used as a mouse preview keyboard when working on Sequences.
OmniChorder - This can be used along with the Sequencer and also when the ARP is disabled. It allows setting 2 further notes to trigger to form a chord from pressing one key. Once this is enabled, the Scale Remapper can be used to manipulate the chord for each note in the octave, reminiscent of the classic Omnichord.
Scale Remapper– Allows changing the Scale on each note (C – B) so that a sequence can be squashed to the selected scale:
Over 70 scales to choose from.
Many different modes which define how the notes are scaled such as up, down, lowest, highest, Low Note, High Note, lat note etc..
12 Custom Scales - Take full control over each scale and edit on the fly.
Sequence Offset – This allows offsetting the start note of each sequence when it is triggered. For example in Poly Mode pressing 2 keys together will start both sequences running, one could be set to start on step 2 so that it will syncopate. In Monophonic mode it allows building more complex sequence patterns as they iterate.
Pitch Disable per note – This can prevent a sequence playing on the selected note, so that for example note C won't play the sequence but just C notes. This is useful in Polyphonic mode so that one key can be consistent whilst another note can play a sequence alongside it.
7 Scale Mapping Modes – The mode decides how the scale is altered, when a note doesn't match the scale, Up will select the next above, Down the next one down etc. There is also nearest, furthest and alternate. There is also a mode which holds the pitch of the octave, and simply uses the scale remapper to force the scale, useful for music without key changes.
Works with the OmiChorder even when the ARP/Sequencer is switched off.
Polyphonic – When used with a polyphonic instrument, notes can trigger individual sequences which is great for use with the Muters(Gate Sequencer) which can create complex rhythmic patterns.
Midi Out – Can be used with any software or hardware midi instrument with host that support midi routing such as Reaper and Cantabile.
Midi Volume and Pan – These can be used to set the volume and Pan of external gear (CC7 and CC10).
Midi Channel – Use this to set which midi channel should be used.
Manual Tempo – Normal Operation is based on the Host Tempo so that it remains in sync with the project, however manual mode can be used in the fashion of an old analog sequencer.
Swing – Swings the beats!
Channel 16 Pitcher - When midi notes are sent to channel 16 the entire pitch of the plugin is transposed.
Copy/Paste - Can be used to copy a sequence to another preset including all rows.
Double/Quadruple - Double will copy the first 16 steps to the last 16 steps, Quadruple will duplicate the first 8 steps x 3.
Full VST Automation.
Global / Local Randomizer/Default Buttons.

ARP VSTi | Homegrown Sounds

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