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Ninja Jamm for android
Ninja Jamm

[Image: BJRxZ4X_qMHHqAACoiTo3_RFIymsOFcaZVtQZhVm...YxKWw=h900]

"I really like the app: it just says ‘Go have fun and if you’re enjoying it... dig deeper” - Amon Tobin
"I should take it to my show tonight and just play this... I’ve not seen anything like it.” – Bonobo
"It’s the perfect toy… but it’s more than a toy, it’s actually a powerful tool. It’s really got me thinking on so many levels… from how to do live shows to how to meditate” - Roots Manuva

UK independent dance label Ninja Tune’s Ninja Jamm puts you behind the wheel of an app that is a revolutionary combination of music and software. Instantly useable yet powerful, it will stun you with the music you can create. Build your own tunes from Samplepacks, and remix Tunespacks from Ninja artists. Touch to mix and mash clips in the clip matrix, trigger and scratch one shots, tilt and shake to apply radical FX, and record and share your jamms.

The app is FREE with 4 packs of content from Coldcut, Roots Manuva and sample dons Loopmasters. Purchase the Share+ extra to access all the Share options and the Android-only special function MultiScreenLayout which opens up even more fun, for less than half the price of a coffee!

"Ninja Jamm is another example of creative thinking; this is another way for us to consume the music we love, creating something new as a result. We’ve seen several other remix apps before, however Ninja Jamm feels like the best and carefully thought out app so far." 4/5 Stars Digital DJ Tips

"Even a quick tinker with Ninja Jamm reveals it to be a potent yet intuitive tool." - Clash Music

"It packs a fairly dizzying array of sonic options." Create Digital Music

"A powerful Remixing toy, intuitive yet deep" Billboard

"Ninja Jamm has had a lot of thought, love and cracking tunes poured into it. We can't keep our hands off it." - Kit Monsters

"I can remix all my fav Ninja artists! Brilliant. And so many features to play with." Cellardore, 5/5 stars
"Incredibly powerful and intuitive. Like Ableton in your pocket." Infinaneek, 5/5 stars
"This app redefines remixing music. So simple and entertaining. Bravo!" Megon Krinston, 4/5 stars
"Best app I own,...so much fun, so intuitive and quick to grasp" One Reasonable Man, 5 Stars

Combining aspects of music making, DJing and remixing, Ninja Jamm makes it easy to Enter the Mix

- Touch, tilt + shake to cut, effect, glitch + mix
- Wild selection of clips let you take each pack in many directions
- Fire one shot bonus samples over your mix
- New interactive music format
- Packs contain HD lossless audio...none of your mp3 rubbish Smile
- Artists include Bonobo, Amon Tobin, Roots Manuva, Coldcut, Mr Scruff, Martyn, Machinedrum, Lapalux
- Upload and share mixes on Soundcloud
- Share mixes via Facebook, Twitter +Tumblr
- Includes free classics by Coldcut and Roots Manuva 'Witness' AND killer Samplepacks from Loopmasters
- Purchase more packs in-app

The app was conceived by Coldcut, the DJ duo who started Ninja Tune and helped define both the modern REMIX with "Paid in Full" and the MASHUP with "Journeys By DJ".

Unlike many other music apps, the experience is very hands-on, intuitive and immediate. Instant FX and functions let anyone dive right in, yet Ninja Jamm is deep enough to engage DJs, musicians and producers...and anyone who has ever wanted to have a go at making electronic music!

Download for FREE, let your creative instincts run wild, Enter the Mix and Jamm On!

Ninja Jamm
Don't forget to write or click a thank you, because it takes a lot of work to search the files.
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