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Music-Society TobyBear-Bundle - No longer available
Quote:After my "retreat" from the audio software scene and almost a decade without updates, I finally decided to take this site offline, as all stuff on it was hopelessly outdated.
So long and thanks for all the shrimps!
Tobybear signing off...



[Image: 1_02_06_15_12_25_55.jpeg]

Arpimedes is a funky little arpeggiator plugin with adjustable pattern rhythm and speed.

You can define the number of octaves it should use and the step length of the current pattern. Of course several different arp modes are included. And you can even sync the arpeggiator to your host sequencer's tempo !

[Image: 1_02_06_15_12_30_37.jpeg]

Borderliner is an attempt to break away from the normal synths available, providing you with a partly colour based interface.

Mixing the black and white oscillator sections generates sounds that can be heavily processed by the color effect boxes. Add envelope and gain control as well as an LFO and you have a simple but different sounding and looking synthesizer that can make some really weird sounds !

[Image: 1_02_06_15_12_34_33.jpeg]

CC-Control consists of two X-Y control pads that can send user-defined MIDI CCs based on your mouse actions.

[Image: 1_02_06_15_12_38_24.jpeg]

Chordator turns incoming notes into full chords of up to 6 notes.

Now you can play bombastic power chords and complex harmonies with just one key press :-)

[Image: 1_02_06_15_12_59_28.jpeg]

CowDelay is a simple delay with internal multimode filter.

Features other gimmicks like ducking (delay only audible when input is below certain threshold).

[Image: 1_02_06_15_1_03_55.jpeg]

Decimator consists of a bit quantizer and sample rate reducer followed by a LP/HP filter.
Four Seasons

[Image: 1_02_06_15_1_08_40.jpeg]

Four Seasons is a rather simple experimental synthesizer that allows you to draw the oscillator.

Envelope control and some filters/effects are also included.

[Image: 1_02_06_15_1_13_40.jpeg]

Harmonisator is a plugin that harmonizes an audio stream according to MIDI notes.

You feed audio into the plugin, hold down a chord on your keyboard and the audio data is duplicated and pitched according to the chord. It is definitely not a high-class harmonizing algorithm, but useful for creating choirs quickly or for manipulating drum loops in strange ways.

[Image: 1_02_06_15_1_18_43.jpeg]

Helios is a sampler unit, intended to explore the creative side of sampling and not really meant to replace full-fledged samplers.

Rather regard it as a fun and wicked live performance tool :-) It can load a single WAV file and tweak it live in realtime to produce some really strange sounds.

    Waveform display on the GUI.
    Modulatable loop start and loop end points.
    Modulatable ADSR envelope control.
    Reverse playback of the sample.
    2 LFOs, independently syncable to host tempo.
    6 LFO waveforms (sine, saw up, saw down, triangle, square, noise).
    Support for Anamark, VAZ and Scala tuning files.
    Drag and drop support for WAV and tuning files.
    Full MIDI CC control with MIDI learn and inverse.
    On-board serial LP/HP filter with resonance.
    On-board delay with feedback.
    Powerful WAV reader that supports many WAV versions.
    Start and stop buttons on the GUI.
    Optional sample interpolation algorithm.

[Image: 1_02_06_15_1_23_28.jpeg]

Humanisator works as some kind of anti-quantizer, bringing more human feel into sequenced notes.

You can define how much and in what range Humanisator should alter the timing, velocity, pitch and modulation of the MIDI stream, allowing very natural sounding and interesting phrases to be created easily!

[Image: 1_02_06_15_1_30_09.jpeg]

Madshifta is a very funky realtime pitchshifting module developed together with Bram from SmartElectronix.

[Image: 1_02_06_15_1_34_34.jpeg]

MetroGnome is a metronome that plays 2 WAV samples, the hi sound on each first beat, the lo sound on all the other beats of the time signature.

You can of course exchange the WAV samples, define your own tempo and time signature and can even send the timing information back to the host to sync other plugins (although only Plogue Bidule supports this at the moment)

[Image: 1_02_06_15_1_40_09.jpeg]

MicroTuner adds microtuning capabilities to every VSTi and external synthesizer module, as long as the target synth supports receiving pitchbend on all MIDI channels.

I am not talking about changing a note some cents up or down in pitch, no, you can completely redefine the whole tuning scale, allowing you to set an arbitrary frequency separately for each MIDI note ! And it gets even better, it already has a loader built in (with drag and drop GUI) that can load the widely used Scala, VAZ and Anamark tuning files directly !

[Image: 1_02_06_15_1_44_32.jpeg]

MIDI-Mirror does what it says: it mirrors all incoming MIDI notes relative to one mirror note on the MIDI scale.

Just play your favorite melody through this plugin and you will be surprised how it sounds now :-)

[Image: 1_02_06_15_1_49_02.jpeg]

N2CC converts the velocity or pitch of MIDI notes  to MIDI CC controller values within a pre-defined range.

This allows you to create some unconventional MIDI effects very easily.

[Image: 1_02_06_15_1_52_43.jpeg]

PeakFreak is a plugin that converts audio input that falls into a certain frequency and amplitude range into midi notes of a certain length.

This can for example be useful if you want to trigger the bass drum from your sound expander via MIDI automatically by the bass drum from an audio track

[Image: 1_02_06_15_1_58_52.jpeg]

QuicKeys is a piano GUI to control other VSTi's within your sequencer.

You load it up as a regular VSTi or as an effect, then click on any track in the arrange window that is routed to another synth/VSTi and now you can play this synth by clicking on QuicKeys' virtual keyboard (or with your own computer keyboard). MIDI processing/converting options are included as well as sending CCs, a MIDI LFO and an auto-chord feature.

Note: functionality of this plugin is largely dependent upon your host !

[Image: 1_02_06_15_2_02_55.jpeg]

Screamer is a little synthesizer that resembles a legendary TB-303 in sound and features.

A rather simple sound generation (VCO), a lowpass filter (VCF) and envelope decay control (VCA), together with a 16-step sequencer are the basis for this plugin.

[Image: 1_02_06_15_2_09_33.jpeg]

Stepper is a little step sequencer that outputs MIDI notes periodically in 16 steps.

You can of course synchronize playback to the host tempo and output 2 additional CCs to control for example cutoff and resonance. External transposing by MIDI notes is also possible.

[Image: 1_02_06_15_2_14_16.jpeg]

VowelFilter is a plugin effect for creating vowel-like formant-filtered sounds.

[Image: 1_02_06_15_2_18_50.jpeg]

VowelSynth is a plugin synth for creating vowel-like formant-filtered sounds.

.zip (Size: 10.85 MB / Downloads: 26)

Don't forget to write or click a thank you, because it takes a lot of work to search the files.
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Pass if needed: bam4LoFo
thanks very much.
Really like the cow delay and decimator - always find a space for them in my projects

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