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Xen-Arts Virtual Instrument Announcement | Xen-FMTS 2
Xen-Arts Virtual Instrument Announcement | Xen-FMTS 2

[Image: Xen-FMTS_2.png]

An FM Synthesis VSTi for the Creation of Microtonal and Xenharmonic Music

Xen-FMTS 2 is a 4 Operator FM Synthesis VSTi with a specialized set of features for computer musicians interested in exploring the vast expressive possibilities of making music with alternative intonation systems. It is a freeware 32-bit plugin instrument for Windows that includes 115 patches, 55 microtunings and 56 partials files.

Microtuning Features

    Internally loads and externally receives both MTS (MIDI Tuning Standard) Bulk Dump and Single Note Microtuning Files
    Operator ratios can easily be set to values that are coincident with the microtuning being used, thereby producing intonation related sidebands in the timbre of the instrument
    Microtonal pitch-bend ranges may be configured in cents, harmonics and superparticular ratios
    Arbitrary microtonal pitch shifting makes it possible to easily pitch transpose the oscillators in both octave and non-octave increments

FM-RM Oscillator

    4 Operator FM Synthesis with Ring-Modulation
    57 Operator Algorithms
    11 different Operator Waveforms
    Analog Pitch Drift Emulator
    Transposition by cents offsets
    Partials text files may be used to quantize the frequency ratios of the operators to user specified values
    Velocity-to-Harmonics Modulation enables oscillators to dynamically sound harmonics of the fundamental pitch


    Seven dedicated hybrid modulators for Operators A, B, C, D, Filters, Amplifier and Pitch
    Each modulator includes an ADSR style envelope generator, and an LFO which can be switched to run at audio-rate
    Each ADSR Envelope Generator features Per-Stage Keyboard Tracking
    LFOs can either be synchronized to the host DAW tempo or set in Hertz. They include 24 Waveforms, a Slewer and can be switched to run at audio-rate

Filter Section

    Pre-Filter Saturation Stage with 20 Saturation Types
    Two Independent Filters with Six Filter Types: LP4, LP2, HPF, BPF, BRF, APF
    One and Two Stage Filter Cascade

Performance Control

    Full controller MIDI Pitch Microtuning with MTS (MIDI Tuning Standard)
    MTS Support for both Single Note and Bulk Dump
    Loads MTS Microtuning Format Files Internally and Receives MTS Externally
    Local (Per-Patch) and Global Microtuning (Static Microtuning for All Patches)
    Microtunings can be loaded from any directory on hard drives or storage devices connected to the PC
    12 Note Polyphonic
    Monophonic Legato Mode
    Monophonic Portamento
    Microtonal Pitch Bend
    Effects include Chorus, Lowpass Filter Cascade (Warm Filter) with 6 dB to 48 dB per-octave filters and Stereo Ensemble

Xen-Arts Virtual Instrument Announcement | Xen-FMTS 2
Don't forget to write or click a thank you, because it takes a lot of work to search the files.
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