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VSTI music-society present CBW01(update) by Saltline
Very amazing stuff that Saltline is creating. A pity they don't get more, much more attention, they deserve it!
Me too, and since they are redesigning the site since 2014, I don't think the presets will show up there again. Is there some alternative site for these presets?
Nevermind, meanwhile I managed to find the presets on archive.org.
Sieht super aus, muss es unbedingt mal testen, bin schon von den restlichen Saltline-VST's total begeistert!
Tried this out last night and initially I was a bit disappointed. I couldn't get that depth of sound from this that perhaps a spark drum machine or the sonic charge machine can give. Anyway I hooked up Kirnu Cream and generated a somewhat random drum pattern and with a little EQing ended up with a very different but usable rythmn sound. I then layered the drum machine from sonic charge in with the CBW01 and this amazing and captivating rythmn happened that evolved and interacted with each other as I randomised some of the hits from both machines. So yes as a stand alone rythmn creator the CBW01 id quite decent but as a foil to another drum machine for layered rythmns it is amazing. Good job Saltline and Music Society!
Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.  Smiley_emoticons_thumbs1
Saltline has some cool vsti
Thank you share!

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