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Music-society presents D-Wave(DTW) by Mira-Katharina + Achim Ortmann(GUI)
Music-society presents D-Wave(DTW) by Mira-Katharina + Achim Ortmann(GUI)

[Bild: 1H8oAT3l.jpg]

2 of them have free drawable waveforms
tuneable in 5th
Multimode-Filter with 9 Types,
Filter-Tracking and Key-Velocity,
VCA with own LFO,
VCF with own LFO and 4 Destinations: Cutoff - X-Mod-Y-Mod-OSC Mod, 2 XY-Joysticks,
EFX-Section with 3-Band EQ, Flanger, Delay, Auto-PAN,
KEY-Functions with Pitchbend-Range, Polymode,
MONO--Poly, Retrigger and extern Vibrato for Draw 2-Generator.
PWM-Function in OSC 1 and 2.

.mp3   DTW-Demo.mp3 (Größe: 9.26 MB / Downloads: 209)
.mp3   Silently.mp3 (Größe: 2.76 MB / Downloads: 179)
.mp3   D-Wave Special.mp3 (Größe: 6.71 MB / Downloads: 125)

.zip   D-Wave.zip (Größe: 3.65 MB / Downloads: 7)
.rar   D-Wave.rar (Größe: 3 MB / Downloads: 477)

Important: Dieses VSTI ist nur auf der Seite music-society.net zu bekommen. Man kann es auf anderen Seiten anbieten, mit dem Link zu dieser Seite. Wer es auf wo anders zum Download anbietet, dessen Account wird sofort gebannt und gelöscht!!!
Get this VSTi @ Music-society.net only !
You are  not allowed to offer this download at other sites without linking to this page.
Users who offer it @ other places without linking to music-society.net will get banned and lose their account immediately.
Don't forget to write or click a thank you, because it takes a lot of work to search the files.
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  • jeffsnail, rockbox
Can't wait to try it out!
Thank you. Much appreciated!
Looks good, Bam!  Thank you for sharing.  :ya  Danke  :top2
Hello friends
How to download this D wave? The demos are very good and i would like to add this to my DAW
Thanks a lot
Thank you!!! Can´t wait testing it ...  Smilie_op_007
oooooh this looks nice! thanks
:Smile :Smile :Smile :Smile :Smile :Smile :Smile :Smile thank you
thank you!  looking forward to using it  Danke
thank you, tonight I'll test it  : i bi bled
Fan-fan-fantastich!! ;-)

Vielen Dank!
The Demo on YT sounds amazing. Cant wait to try it out.
Great work.
Respekt Smilie_op_007 :ya
This is just "Amazing..........."
Thank you guys for this stuff.
This thing sounds amazing!
Smile thanks for share
Thanks; I'm going to check it out.  Smile
Very nice. Thank you for this software.
Thanks this sounds great  Smile
:band best thanks,

werde mir den Synth anhören und austesten -  Liebe wenn ich heraus finde wie es funktioniert.
thank you !  Danke
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