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[Image: 1_28_08_12_8_40_15.jpeg]

Jet Audio is an integrated multimedia player with many powerful features.


    Supports All Major File Formats - (WAV, MP1, MP2, MP3, mp3PRO, PLS, M3U, WMA, OGG, AIF, AIFF, AU, SND, RA, RAM, RM, RMM, MID, RMI, KAR, Module Karaoke, MOD, S3M, XM, MTM, STM, IT, ULT, 669, FAIR, MED, MDL, MDL, NST, OKT,WOW, APE, MPC, FLAC, SPX, TTA, WV)
    Video Conversion
    Audio CD burning - Create your own Audio CD from digital audio files
    Recording - Record from various analog sources such as microphone or Line-In input.
    Tag Editing - You can edit ID3 and ID3 v2 Tags of MP3 files.
    Multi-channel sound ouput- You can choose Normal surround, Enhanced surround or Normal Surround with Wide Rear for X-Surround modes.
    Crossfade - At the end of current song, jetAudio mixes sound of next track.
    Therefore, you can enjoy smooth transition effect when next song starts.

    Skin - You can change the skin of jetAudio.
    Subtitles - jetAudio can display subtitles for digital video playback.
    Internet CD Database - Automatically retrieves track names/artist information
    of your Audio CD from Internet CD Database.

    Convenient album management & Playlist - You can make your own playlist easily from files or folders.
    Remote Controller - You can control jetAudio using MCE (Microsoft Media Center) remote controller. jetAudio supports MCE compatible remote controller or Streamzap remote controller.
    Media Center Window - New Media Center window provides various features including new Media Manager, Explorer window, and Device Manager.
    Audio Conversion - jetAudio can convert various digital audio files to supported target file formats.
    Audio CD Ripping - jetAudio can create digital audio files from Audio CD.
    Internet Broadcasting - You can broadcast your own music through internet in MP3, OGG or WMA with jetCast!
    Various sound effects - Enjoy the various sound effects during digital audio/video, Video-CD and DVD playback.
    Speed Control - You can change speed (50% ~ 200%) without any pitch change
    during digital audio/video files, Video-CD playback.

    Resume - ou can resume the movie from the interrupted scene without a hassle
    Synchronized Lyric (Karaoke) - Change your PC to karaoke machine, and enjoy sing-a-long.
    Alarm & Timer - You can set various actions for internal alarm and timer function.
    Equalizer - Variety of Equalizer modes are supported
    Superb Crystal-Clear Sound - JetAudio can processes output of MP3/OGG files as 32bit precision
    Toolbar mode - Toolbar mode is used to minimize the space occupied by jetAudio in desktop area of the Windows.

Guide when using remote controller

If you want to change settings in Navigator window, go to Preferences dialog box, then choose Advanced -> General item in left window. Select "Remote Controller Plugin" then Config button.

(for MCE remote controller)
- GUIDE button : Display Navigator window
- MUTE button : Delete a file in Navigator window
- MORE button : Sort files (Navigator) or change audio (DVD playback)
- BACK button : Refresh (Navigator)
- RECORDED TV button : Switch to File Mode
- DVD MENU button : Switch to Disc Mode (when stopped) or display DVD menu screen (while playing DVD)
- CH +/- button : Switch to next/previous album/playlist
- LIVE TV button : Change subtitle (DVD playback)

(for Streamzap remote controller)
- MENU button : Display Navigator window
- MUTE button : Delete a file in Navigator window
- RED button : Sort files (Navigator) or change audio (DVD playback)
- GREEN button : Refresh (Navigator) or change subtitle (DVD playback)
- YELLOW button : Switch to File Mode
- BLUE button : Play disc (when stopped) or display menu (DVD playback)
- CH +/- button : Switch to next/previous album/playlist

Don't forget to write or click a thank you, because it takes a lot of work to search the files.
[Image: features.en.gif]
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