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Sound Wizard VST (Beta-Version)
[Image: dapyEen.jpg]

Hallo Smile

Wollte mal was mit Synthedit 64 machen. Geht aber nur Windows 64 Bit.

Das Programm ist nicht ausgereift, daher ist das Plugin als Betaversion deklariert.

Hello Smile
Here a Plugin made with Synthedit 64 Bit - only for Windows 64!

The Programm is not ready, and therefore it is still a Beta-Version-Plugin.

Features: 2 OSC with seven Waveforms, tuneable -2 -1 -0 -5th - +1 - +2
Finetuning norm/reverse for +/- Operation
VCF with 17 Filtertypes and two ones which Filterblend
Sample and Hold Module with Sample Input from the LFO, and the following Destinations - all enable/disable switched:
OSC 1 + 2 Tuning, PW 1+2, VCF Cutoff, VCA Level
LFO with 5 Waveforms, sync/free-Function and the following Destinations:
OSC 1+2 Tune, PW1+2, VCA level, VCF Cutoff
VCA Envelope can be switched to modulate OCS 1+2 Tuning
Patch-Browser to save your own creations as xlmpreset-Files. Note that it makes soundxlmpreset; therefore put in the dot manually to sound.xlmpreset

The Plugin is a VST3 - Type; tested on Windows 7/64 with Cubase Elements 9.5 and Mulab 64

Have fun! Smile

.zip (Size: 3.07 MB / Downloads: 70)

Here an Update; including the Demo Patches (still BETA!) :

.zip   Sound (Size: 2.98 MB / Downloads: 52)

Here the pure Sounds of this Plugin (only Master Limiter used; no FX, no other Plugins):

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