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VidPlayVST is a plugin for producers composing music synchronised to video. It uses ffmpeg, which is an Open Source library of tools for working with video and audio data in multiple formats. The plugin is able to open and play video files in any format supported by ffmpeg (as of August 2016).

If you have a video file formatted with any freely licensed codec, then VidPlayVST will probably be able to open and play it.

Loop mode may be set with loop points to cycle through a sub-section of the video.

By default video playback starts at time zero in the host transport. Optionally, a MIDI note C can be sent to the plugin to cue the start of the video.

The plugin window is resizable and, optionally, the video may be viewed in a detached window or full screen.

The video may be viewed at its original aspect ratio or scaled to fit a chosen window size.

The plugin plays audio if it is present within the video file, or it can be muted. So, this is an easy way to extract audio from a video file and use it in your own production.

Distribution downloads are available for Microsoft Windows (version 7 up) and Apple OSX/macOS (version 10.7 up), in 32-bit and 64-bit compilations. Each version is a single .DLL (Microsoft) or .VST (Apple) file. There is no complicated installation procedure, and no license key validation is required.

Prior to Beta release VidPlayVST has been tested with FL Studio, Sonar, Live, Tracktion, Cubase, Reaper, BitWig and EnergyXT.

System Resources

VidPlayVST has been designed to be light on CPU usage and memory, so that it can be run in complex audio projects. The two main processing threads run at low priority, and the memory requirement should not normally exceed 350 megabytes.

The processing load depends mainly upon the frame size of the input video. Frame sizes up to 1920x1080 should play smoothly. Click on the VidPlayVST logo to see statistics about the current video file.

I have come across some stock video footage as large as 3840x2160, which not even Quicktime or Windows Media Player could play smoothly. There are websites available online where videos can be resampled down to a smaller frame size.

The user interface is simple and features large buttons. This is to make the plugin easy to use on a touch screen without a mouse.

Quote:The Beta Test version is currently available for free download. It is fully functional and will continue to work until September 2017. You are welcome to give it a try.

If you have any problems I would appreciate an email to the address shown below. Please include the following information:
Operating system:
Operating system version:
Host DAW:
Host DAW 32-bit or 64-bit?:
VidPlayVST 32-bit or 64-bit?:
Video file name extension (e.g. .mp4, .mov):
Description of the problem:

If possible, please include a screen dump image of the About box (click on the plugin logo). If a copy of the video is available online, then a link to it would be helpful. If the video is small enough, please attach it to the email.

Thank you - your help is appreciated.
Don't forget to write or click a thank you, because it takes a lot of work to search the files.
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