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Dark Night - 2015 DEMO by Mira-Katharina
[Image: 196_26_11_15_3_55_53.jpeg]
[Image: 196_26_11_15_3_57_44.jpeg]

Hello Smile

Today I want to introduce a very exciting Synth: The Dark Night - 2015 as Demo.
This ist a very complex machine like a little workstation.
It behaves three synthies: The POLY/ARP Section, SEQ1 and SEQ 2, (both identical)
Poly/ARP could be used as Leadvoice, Chordsynth or as Arpeggio. The two sequencers could be turned off; so you can rum them in Polymodes, too.
Each of the Synths have creatable note-ranges. So you can play the two secuences as octaves with one hand, and with the right one playing melodies, chords - or even arp`s.
This Machine has Random-Modes in the Sequencers, too!

3 independent synthie-sections: ARP - SEQ1 - SEQ2. ARP Section is analogue; the SEQ`s can run in FM and FM of FM - and also analogue when FM-Modulation is turned off

ARP: VCA, VCF, LFO, OSC WAVE, OSC PW, OSC Wave, OSC Harmonics, Octave Range, LFO with sync and different destinations, ARP Section, KEY-Edits, MIDI Recieve CH, SEQ to ARP Mode, 3-Band EQ, Wheel-Controls-Edits for Vibrato: Speed and Depht, PB Range

SEQ1 +  SEQ2: 8 Steps with NOTE, FM, Velo, FM of FM each, Random SET-Switches for manually settings: NOTE, FM, FM of FM, NOTE + FM, NOTE + FM of FM, FM with FM of FM, Random AUTO-Modes: NOTE, FM, FM of FM, FM with FM of FM, FM with FM of FM and Note, FM with Note FM of FM with Note, Global. OSC WAVE, LFO with different Destinations.
Manuell Limit to reduce Parameter-Values, Min-Set (Manuell Limit is fixed on Random Global, for other Random modes switchable). Wizard für rhythmic sequence-clockings.
VCA, VCF, LFO with MOD-Mode (Modulates FM-Parameters), Harmonics Justage, FM Depth, FM of FM Depth
MIDI OUT CH for each SEQ
3 external outputs can be activated - or you use all synths on one stereo-output.
FX-Section on all Synths each: Delay, Flanger, PAN
NOTE: The DEMO has only one program, is only mono and ext outs are deactivated. ONLY W32 Bit!
Check it out and enjoy!

Live-Play with a special setting: SEQ1 plays a Bassdrum; breaked with the wizard and muted some notes by velocity, SEQ2 plays the bass sequence and ARP Chords and melody:

Live-Play with this machnie used with cutoff and resonance control on keyboard-controller

This one is an example for a live setup with two machines: one plays rhythm, the other leads and keys (Live Play - no arrangement)

Here is an example with Random FM + FM of FM in SEQ1 and used Oscillator Wave Change while playing. LFX 1310 (freeware) added (Live play)

KVR - Release will be for Full Version soon

.zip   Dark Night - 2015 (Size: 3.29 MB / Downloads: 11)

Attached Files
.mp3   Dark Forest - Mira-Karharina Langnau (Starbell AVM).mp3 (Size: 15.79 MB / Downloads: 22)
.mp3   Universe X.mp3 (Size: 9.46 MB / Downloads: 11)
.mp3   Celebration of the Moment.mp3 (Size: 11.14 MB / Downloads: 14)
.mp3   Stratos.mp3 (Size: 9.61 MB / Downloads: 11)
.mp3   Drums and Bass and other.mp3 (Size: 4.58 MB / Downloads: 16)
.mp3   Dream on.mp3 (Size: 7.85 MB / Downloads: 10)
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Dark Night - 2015 DEMO by Mira-Katharina - by Mira-Katharina - 26-11-2015, 05:22 PM

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