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Sir Elliot Plug-Ins (Complete)
Sir Elliot Plug-Ins (Complete)

Sir Elliot 31-Band Graphic Equaliser

Sir Elliot’s 31-Band Graphic Equaliser is designed for those who would like to add some character to their music. Unlike the 18-Band Equaliser there is no fixed delay. This may be helpful for those who do not master music.
Input Select
Auxiliary Low
Auxiliary High
Tape (with Bias control)
Output Dual Colour LED Indicators for each channel
Level Control
A.C. Switch
Power Indicator
Adjustable Frequency Range: 20 – 21,000 kHz
Highest Frequency affected @ 21,000 kHz:
44.1 kHz: 21,600 kHz – 3 dB
96 kHz: 25,000 kHz -3 dB
192 kHz: 30,000 kHz -3 dB
Note: Sir Elliot’s 31-Band Equaliser is optimised for high sample rates. To take full advantage of the sound quality, please use 88.2 kHz and above sample rates.
Power Consumption
44.1 kHz: 9.0 %
88.2 kHz: 18 %
96 kHz: 22 %
Note: Power Consumption is based on a 2.8 GHZ Pentium 4, single-core CPU using a wav file. Sir Elliot’s 31-Band Graphic Equaliser was tested on a Windows XP (non-service pack) platform.
Minimum System Requirements
Pentium 3, 733 MHz CPU, Windows 2000

Sir Elliot 1968 High Fidelity Preamplifier

The 1968 was designed bring forth a rich tone in your music material. Like the RT-1, tonal characteristics are prevailing upon enabling the power switch.
Sporting a twenty-step tone selector, in addition to, optimised for high sample rate circuitry, you will find the 1968 will present a lot of choices on how to custom tailor the sound to your musical taste.
Frequency Response 20 – 20,000 kHz +/- 3 dB
Frequency Bandwidth 20 – 192,000 kHz +/- 3 dB
Note: Frequency Bandwidth is based on 384 kHz Sample Rate. To take full advantage of the audio quality, 88.2 kHz and above sample rates is highly recommended.
POWER CONSUMPTION : 44.1 kHz: 4.8%, 88.2 kHz: 9.6%, 96 kHz: 11%
Note: Power Consumption is based on a single-core Pentium 4 computer, using pink noise as reference material.

Altered Dynamics Compressor

Variable sweep frequencies ranging from 60 – 12,000 kHz
Treble: (Variable user control) 3000 – 12,000 kHz
Midrange: (Variable user control) 101 – 2999 kHz
Bass: (Variable user control) 60 – 100 Hz
Gain: +/- 10 dB Treble
Gain: +/- 10 dB Midrange
Gain: +/- 12 dB Bass

Attack: (Variable user control) 2 milliseconds to 200 milliseconds
Release: (Variable user control) 100 milliseconds to 5 seconds
Ratio: (Variable user control) 2:1 to 20.0:1
Threshold: (Variable user control) 0 to – 30 dB
The Loudness contour can bring forth up to + 20 dB if need be and, there is a pre-equaliser bypass switch to compare the compressed signal with and without an equaliser.
I did not alter the frequency response as I did with the Poor man’s Compressor.
If you would like use it for your own material you can download it using the link listed below

Sir Elliot Brass Instrument Equaliser

It was solely designed for Trombones, Saxophones, Trumpets and so forth. Jazz, & Classical Music is the concept behind this Parametric Equaliser.
There is also the option to configure the Q in a very narrow mode. This enables you to reduce peaks at certain frequencies that arise from troublesome rooms and, addressing offending frequencies from microphone feedback.
Tuneable Frequency Range: Five-fixed-band frequency contours offering a total sweep able range from 10 – 21000 cps.
Q Selector: Three mode selectable Q’s ranging from 0.27 (wide) – 60.36 (narrow)
Input Level Control
Overall Loudness Control
Left/Right Output VU Meters
Maximum Power Consumption: 2.4% on a Pentium 4, 2.8 GHZ computer on Windows XP (Non Service Pack)

Sir Elliot Brass Instrument Equaliser HD

Sir Elliot’s Brass Instrument Equaliser HD offers a tuneable frequency range of 6.4 cps – 42,000 cps. It is designed to take advantage of high sample rate files that offer a wider frequency bandwidth.

Sir Elliot GPA

A very straightforward preamplifier that will add “Colour” to your mix.
Please view the video presentation to get an idea what the GTA offers in terms of features and sound.
Bass, Midrange and, Treble controls
Four input selector offering various frequency curves to alter the tonal characteristics.
Bass Boost switch
2.1% CPU on a Pentium 4 Computer using Wav files.

Sir Elliot Little Black Box Series II (M)

The M version is a larger model of Little Black Box Series II. It offers Continuous Average Reduction VU Meters in addition to Peak LED Meters ranging from –0.5 dB to –180 dB. The third VU Meter is an Input/Output Comparator to ensure the proper levels.
Little Black Box Series II (M) brings forth the highest CPU drainage (8.5% on a single-core Pentium 4, 2.8 GHZ) out of the three compressors offered hence, the “HIGH CPU” stamp embroidered on its faceplate.
Detailed specifications co-inside with Little Black Box Series II with the exception of what is stated above.
Little Black Box Series II (M) is the last compressor I am offering. I will focus only on Equalisers and, Pre-amplifiers from this day forward.

Sir Elliot Loud & Clear Preamplifier

This is a very basic preamplifier designed to bring forth the upper midrange frequencies. It works well on Rock hence the reason of the PA head look. Volume will be the least of your worries using this preamplifier.
Frequency Response

Sir Elliot Mastering Limiter Series IV

Sir Elliot’s Master Limiter offers a pre-compressor to fine tune the dynamics to achieve the best quality in terms of sound when maintaining the levels within a certain decibel range.
Like the Universal Compressor, the Master Limiter is optimise to perform best on higher (88.2, 96, 192, 384 kHz) sample rates files however, will have no problem operating on lower sample rates such as 48 and, 44.1 kHz
The Master Limiter offers no delay, which makes it ideal for mixing in real time using digital production consoles that accept VST plug-ins and, Live Professor.
Power consumption is 3.5% using a 44.1 kHz wav file and, 8.0% on 88.2 kHz residing on a Pentium 4, 2.8 GHZ CPU. The concept of Sir Elliot’s Master Limiter is to achieve a loud master without your computer overloading during the process due to excessive CPU usage.

Sir Elliot Narrow Q Equaliser

Narrow Q omits different parameters than Studio Q. By doing so, the sound amongst the two differ greatly.
If you downloaded Studio Q, you will notice a difference in sound characteristics instantly upon adjusting the frequencies on Narrow Q.
9-Band Equaliser offering the following user-adjustable frequency parameters:
10 kHz, 5.1 kHz, 2.2 kHz, 1.0 kHz, 500 Hz, 240 Hz, 125 Hz, 65 Hz, 32 Hz
Fixed roll-off measured frequency using a 0 dB starting point fed pink noise continuously.
-7 dB @ 10 cycles, Continuous Average Power
-5 dB @ 20 cycles, Continuous Average Power
-1 dB @ 19,400 cycles, Continuous Average Power
Frequency Response

Sir Elliot Paragraphic Equaliser

A Para-graphic Equaliser is one of those forgotten pieces of hardware you rarely see. Unlike a Para-metric, the Q is fixed to a particular parameter while you sweep the frequencies to attain tone that sounds pleasing to your ear. It appears Para-graphics lost their popularity despite the few I’ve seen and own offered an extended tuning frequency. Possibly, I will put one of mine on the bench one day and measure the response.
The Para-graphic Equaliser I developed will give those who never embarked a Para-graphic Equaliser an idea how one works. While I could not offer anything higher than 22,000 kHz due to constant oscillation, I did manage it be swept to 7 Hz.
Here is the frequency response with levels set to 0 dB. As with all hardware devices, deviation can be found in my design as well.

Sir Elliot Peak Limiter

This is a very simplistic yet useful Peak Limiter. As the name implies it’s sole purpose is to prevent overshoot, which is common with high dynamic music without the artefacts of a compressor.
Power Consumption is under 1% on a Pentium 4, 2.8 GHZ CPU in addition to managing 384 kHz sample rate files with no issues whatsoever.

Sir Elliot RT-1 Vintage Preamplifier

The RT-1 is designed to offer tonal characteristics found in home audio preamplifiers designed decades ago. If you are frustrated with your music material sounding too translucent, Sir Elliot’s RT-1 may be able to remedy the problem.
Main Features:
Nine audio inputs (AUX, 78 R.P.M, AM, FM, TAPE HEAD, 3 ¼ IPS, 7 ½ IPS, 15 IPS, 30 IPS) to choose from
Selector, Loudness, Level, Bass, Midrange &, Treble Contours
Fixed Delay
Optimised for High Sample Rates
CPU Consumption:
44.1 kHz: 7%, 88.2 kHz: 14%,, 96.0 kHz: 18%
CPU Consumption is based on a single-core, 2.8 GHZ Pentium 4 Computer using Windows XP (Non-Service Pack) playing a wav file.

Sir Elliot Studio Q (The Snob Equaliser)

As with all hardware devices the frequency response are not always flat and, Studio Q is no exception to the rule.
The Frequency Bands are as follows:
40 cps, 60 cps, 80 cps, 120 cps, 160 cps, 240 cps, 1000 kcps, 2450 kcps, 9000 kcps and, 13500 kcps.

Sir Elliot Universal Compressor

Input: 0 to +20 dB, Output:0 to – 0.99 dB
Attack Contour: 0 – 10 (1 Nanosecond – 11 Seconds pending on the Attack Selector)
Attack Selector: Nanoseconds, Microseconds, Milliseconds and, Seconds
Release Contour: 0 – 10 (1 Nanosecond – 2.5 Minutes pending on the Release Selector)
Release Selector: Nanoseconds, Microseconds, Milliseconds and, Seconds
Threshold Contour: – 80 dB, Ratio Contour: 0 – 1.14:1 (11.4:1), Makeup Gain Contour: +/- 25 dB,
Limitation Contour: 0 – 100%
Behaviour Sliding Contour: 7 Steps
Input: 2 (Left & Right)
Compression: 2 (Left & Right) with user adjustable voltage sensitivity control contour
Output: 2 (Left & Right)

Fixed Delay:
44.100 kHz: 80 ms, 96000 kHz: 80 ms, 192000 kHz: 80 ms
Note: The Universal Compressor is designed solely for mastering and performs best ranging from 96000 kHz and up.
Power Consumption: 7% on a Pentium 4, 2.8 GHZ CPU residing on Windows XP non-service pack using pink noise as reference material.
Illuminated Standby Switch


Sir Elliot’s “Volume Eleven” is a fixed Automatic-Gain-Brick-wall-Limiter with the ability of achieving very high sound pressure levels with low distortion.
Power Consumption is 2.5% using a 44.1 kHz pink noise wav file as reference. This test was conducted on a Pentium 4, 2.8 GHZ CPU using a Windows XP (Non Service Pack) operating system.
Volume Eleven may fit your requirements if you Master Rock Music.

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