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music-society specialpack abyssplugs[FX][x86] - Bam - 31-05-2022

music-society specialpack abyssplugs


[Image: 3XCCwT7.jpg]

mager is tool that will allow you to flip the phase of an Incoming channel
it will also allow you to off set the L & R sample delay to produce Spread
effects another feature of imager is its Pulse Panning which produces
Irregular Auto Panning Imager also includes the denormal Circuit great
for vocals or to fatten mono sounds

[Image: IezxxSU.jpg]

Exciter is a very subtle effect similar in nature to the Harmonic distorter
but way less aggressive try it on a pad sound
Hi End Contort

[Image: BH8YR94.jpg]

high end contort works on the principle of high end time alignment while
retarding the upper bands it also mirrors a tap left & right of Filtered bands
finally the output is passed into our own Reverb
Dual Rectifier

[Image: zh2oJcK.jpg]

The Dual Rectifier is a 12ax7 circuit providing a warm tube distortion
sound with a no fuss interface awesome for fattening up a vocal
Harmonic Distorter

[Image: WT6Kgqo.jpg]

Harmonic Distorter is a type of exciter plug-in it works by using a very
fine band of distortion and is also tuneable so it can work Hi or Low

[Image: B0IVAjc.jpg]

Snarl is another tube emulation based on our dual rectifier plug in
Snarl Sounds nothing like a warm tube circuit in its rectifier mode
its a great plug for turning a nice tone bad !
Phase 2

[Image: 1w4wMwt.jpg]

Phase 2 Is based on a Phase Distortion Oscillator which can produce
Morphing Type Phase Effects and gentle Wa type effects it also includes
the denormal circuit wind the rate down nice and slow on this one to
produce more twisted effects

[Image: btyibXW.jpg]

Phased is a thick phasing effect it also includes a denormaliser to prevent
P4 Spikes and Denormal remover circuit to clean the signal path of Denormal's
Strangled Cat

[Image: tVJRqv6.jpg]

Strangled Cat is a Flanger & Chorus effect that can be used together or
independent of each other it again includes the denormal circuit

[Image: t7OCssx.jpg]

Filter is a Rich Filter Circuit based on 2 Variable state filters and 2 Bi Quad Filters
each can be set independent of the other the filter also includes the Denormal Circuit

[Image: yPK4wg8.jpg]

Repeater is much more than a delay it features a auto sweeping HPF
with its own oscillator and Auto Sweeping Output panning it also uses
the Denormal circuit and can generate Delays up to 1 second

[Image: kgD00aa.jpg]

Cushion is like a compressor or limiter but its softer more vintage
sounding Cushion is a great tool to help tame wild tracks
Abyss Reverb

[Image: uFjsbOb.jpg]

the Abyss Reverb grew up from Freeverb but unlike free verb its possible
to control all 8 comb filters Size and Dampening with a few minutes of play
some very realistic acoustic spaces can be created also Included in this
zip is the light version

.rar   music-society specialpack abyssplugs.rar (Size: 28.34 MB / Downloads: 1)

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