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music-society specialpack by Rock Hardbuns - Bam - 10-04-2022

music-society specialpack by Rock Hardbuns

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[Image: K96SQNx.jpg]

Blowhard is a monophonic lead / bass synthesizer.


[Image: hrvk4Fa.jpg]

Bobistron is a chiptune synth using phase distortion.

Sounds roughly like a sid chip (by design) but it's not an emulator in the technichal sense. It uses some kind of phase distorsion.

Note, the bitcrusher sits after the volume control so you can control the level of quantization distorsion. Lower volume = more distortion.

[Image: r8NVMPp.jpg]

Cake is a 4-operator FM synthesizer.

[Image: FUdj0sL.jpg]

Dulcimator2 is a physical modelling plucked string synthesizer.
Harsh Mistress

[Image: VuujHQD.jpg]

Harsh Mistress is a brickwall limiter.

[Image: RH-Padiepoo_2.jpg]

Padiepoo is a pad synthesizer.

[Image: RH-PadPal_3.jpg]

PadPal3 is a pad synthesizer.

Zip includes PadPal version 1.

[Image: RH-Perkele_2.jpg]

Perkele2 is a FM drum synthesizer.

Includes Perkele version 1 and SuperPerkele.

[Image: RH-PhaseBass_3.jpg]

PhaseBass is a DX FM bass synthesizer.

[Image: RH-PhasePno_3.jpg]

PhasePno is a DX FM EPiano synthesizer.

[Image: RH-Piper_3.jpg]

Piper2 is a 4 operator FM synthesizer.

Includes Piper version 1.

[Image: RH-PlainEQ_3.jpg]

PlainEQ is a 3 band EQ.
Purple Nurple

[Image: RH-Nurple_3.jpg]

Purple Nurple is a step-based flanger and phaser.

[Image: RH-Roid_2.jpg]

Roid is a single oscillator subtractive synthesizer.

[Image: RH-SawToot_2.jpg]

SawToot is a multi-sawtooth synthesizer.

Mono and Poly versions.
Vanilla Surprise

[Image: RH-Vanilla_3.jpg]

Vanilla Surprise is a multi FX (reverb, delay, chorus, phaser).


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