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music-society specialpack by TN Audio - Bam - 06-04-2022

music-society specialpack by TN Audio


[Image: 0FBF6nf.jpg]

Chord Organ is a modeled electric reed organ in the style of a Magnus chord organ.

It can also be used as a midi processor to transmit the chords.

Tethys 2

[Image: hXx3Qjw.jpg]

Tethys 2 is based around the architecture of the PAiA Proteus 1 (not the EMU's expander !).

The effects from right to left are Phaser, Chorus and Echo these are fairly standard but follow the Tethys ethos of keep it simple and therefore have the minimum number of controls needed. Then comes the X Mod the effect of which changes depending on Oscillator 2's waveform and the knobs setting (should maybe have been called Mod ?) and can sound depending on the settings anything from FM, AM, RM to badly soldered wires randomly distorting the sound. A great companion to the next effect the Drive, it started out as a recreation of an old Washburn SX3 pedal but as I tried to reduce the pedals three knobs to one it took on a character of its own. Its tone is also dependent on the amount of signal being fed to it by the volume knob, so to get the sound you want you may have to turn the volume down and boost it at your mixer.

To take advantage of the range of sounds and interplay these last three knobs had I thought they would be ideal for the Variable Attenuation Matrix or VAM, just click on the symbol for Velocity, After touch or Modulation wheel and use the knob to set the maximum amount and anything less than say full velocity etc will attenuate the control. This worked so well I applied it to several other controls to give a very organic playing experience.


[Image: NscwSGm.jpg]

TN-5 is modeled onthe Yamaha CS-5 vintage synthesizer.

The download contains a vst instrument and a vst effect to take advantage of its external input. It contains also a standalone version.
Transcendental 2000

[Image: 0T0XwdT.jpg]

Transcendental 2000 is based on the Powertran Transcendent 2000, a diy kit synthesizer from 1978.

The front panel is a replica of the original except for the program manager and the page buttons on the right. Being to scale makes some of the labels a little hard to read (unless you have a screen large enough to scale it up to its original 26" width) but the knobs are fairly standard, the switches which operate some of the most important modes of the keyboard are less so. Below are descriptions for these switches.

Here you find the special Music-Society Version

and here you find presets for the Synths by @Kujaschi


.zip   music-society specialpack by TN (Size: 12.98 MB / Downloads: 9)

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