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Hello board - reapertest - 17-10-2021

Didn't want to get hung so... nothing much to say, just a music loving man in his early 40's. Trying to push myself deeper into the hobby of actually making music instead of procrastinating because I know the music won't live up to the music that I love to listen to. Would love to work in the world of music in someway, but out in rural US there's not a lot of call for it. But I figure as a pipe dream I'd go the way of the one and only Frank Zappa and make music for myself and then just put it out there to see if anyone else is interested; cool if so, fine is not.

Maybe one or two people might read this so I'll stop wasting their precious time!

Thanks for the nice resource for Vst's, not sure what else there is here since that's what bought me here, but guess I'll find out.

RE: Hello board - Bam - 17-10-2021


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