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TCM-II Kujashi Soundbanks - Kujaschi - 21-02-2021

[Image: erAdtp2.jpg]
256 Patches für den TCM-II (Emulation des ARP 2600) von CESCATO.

Bisher nur auf der FB-Seite des Dev´s zugänglich, hier nun zwei von mir erstellte Soundbänke für den TCM-II. ARP- und Modulartypische Klangexperimente, Leads, SFX, Sequenzen, Glocken und anderes "Geräuschvolles" und für alle zwecke Einsetzbares. Viel Spaß damit!!
256 Patches for the TCM-II (Emulation of the ARP 2600) of CESCATO
Those were only reachable on the site of the dev, but now they´re here:
Two full soundbanks with ARP-2600 and modulartypical sounds: Leads, SFX, Sequences, Soundexperiments, Bells, Keys and all that makes "sound" for all your needs - Enjoy!

The Banks:

.rar   T-C-M-II_Kujashi Soundbanks 1+2.rar (Size: 76.71 KB / Downloads: 29)

RE: TCM-II Kujashi Soundbanks - bluesmoke - 21-02-2021

This has been my favourite 2600/SuperOdy since it was first released almost a decade ago.
I used to play it A LOT.
But it never sounded nearly so good as it has done for the past 6 or 7 hours - and I'm not even half-way though your first soundbank!
You're getting good at this ...

Nice demo tracks, too.

Thank You, Kujaschi.

RE: TCM-II Kujashi Soundbanks - knossos - 01-03-2021

Kujashi soundbanks never dissapoint, and are always a pleasure.
Thank you very much !

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