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DarkQ [free] - tf-drone - 18-11-2020

DarkQ synths

Phase Distortion inspired Casio CZ series synthesizer emulation that actually sounds very authentic considering the time and age it was designed
[Image: sULrELq.jpg]

phat sounding VSTi with Chorus
[Image: sbMqrPk.jpg]

Simple subtractive mono synth
[Image: uYulqQl.jpg]

Sequel to the DirtyMono. This actually is an upgraded version with optional 8-voice Polyphony, soft-distortion, Keyboard->filter, ... The resonance goes a very little higher than with DirtyMono
[Image: CTctGqz.jpg]

.zip (Size: 3 MB / Downloads: 30)

RE: DarkQ [free] - bluesmoke - 21-11-2020

Thanks for these.

I only remember Oli Rompuy for a filter module  he made for SynthEdit, though I can't remember any synths which used it ...
... maybe it's in some of these?
I'm going to have fun finding out!

Nice find!

RE: DarkQ [free] - Grime Bind - 29-07-2022


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