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Behringer 2600 - bluesmoke - 09-11-2020

Behringer 2600
[Image: DwIbZIc.jpg]
After years of speculation, rumour, hints and teasing, Behringer's Arp 2600 clone is finally available to pre-order.

At just 599 € (£555) it costs about 1/8 as much as the Korg replica released earlier this year (about the same as their Odyssey module) - and only about twice the original price of Arturia's plugin version!

It's a 19" / 8 U EuroRack module and has all the features (so far as I can tell) of the original synth (with both 4012 and 7012 filter modes) and 3620 keyboard circuits, plus a few enhancements - such as oscillator sync and selectable envelope speeds.

With Behringer's recent record, I expect it will sound every bit as good as it looks - and at this price would have been an instant, impulse buy had I not spent so long, earlier this year, considering the Korg version and deciding that I really don't have much use for a 2600 at the moment ... (It they release their rumoured VCS3 clone at a similar price, I'm having one!!!)

It's the hands-on, control-per-function interaction that is the biggest difference between hardware and software synths (this one has more than 60 sliders alone!) - and with the costs of both converging the way they have, what you use is becoming more of a choice and less of a compromise.

More details here / here

RE: Behringer 2600 - Bam - 09-11-2020

Unfortunately I can't afford it despite the relatively low price, but if someone would make me happy, he can give it to me for Christmas Smile

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