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Gonio Metron by JELSTUDIO - Bam - 29-09-2020

Gonio Metron by JELSTUDIO

[Image: GUI_GonioMetron20200928.png]

"Gonio Metron", a freeware by JELSTUDIO.

It is a 2-part plugin that can be used either as a meter to monitor the side-channel effect or as an automatic stereo-width controller.

The plugin was designed for when listening to music on headphones, to enlarge the stereo-width a bit more than when listening on general speakers.

But it can also be useful when mixing a multi-track session, for example on synth-tracks or backing-vocals, to make things sound a bit bigger.

A big thank you to S├ębastien Wittebolle for help with beta-testing.


32-bit and 64-bit plugin.
For Windows 7, 8, 10.
Zip with .dll (no .exe installation).
Can automate stereo-width.
Enjoy! Smile.

Gonio Metron by JELSTUDIO


.zip   JELSTUDIO_GonioMetron_20200928_windows7-10,x86,x64,VST2, (Size: 764.64 KB / Downloads: 5)

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