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SPACE DUCK by 2getheraudio(Donationware) - Bam - 30-07-2020

SPACE DUCK by 2getheraudio(Donationware)

[Image: Space-Duck-Expert-00.jpg]

Finally a delay and reverb with some attitude! Not only does Space Duck feature a ducking circuit so your delay and reverb don't crowd your mix, but we've also included some unusual filters and EQ for creative sound design. 100 factory presets to get you started and simple and expert modes to guide your track to perfection.

Space Duck is fantastic on guitars, vocals, and keyboards as well as synths, experimental cinematic scores and more. For all styles of music.

At the heart of SPACE DUCK's processing are individual reverb and delay effects processors, each with a ducking circuit that detects the level of incoming audio and ducks, or reduces, the reverb and delay effect while other audio is playing. When the incoming audio level drops, the reverb and delay are allowed to pass through, much like sidechaining a bass and kick drum track. The result is a cleaner and more professional mix.

In addition to the ducking circuit, SPACE DUCK adds filters and effects not typically found in a delay and reverb processor, including a fractal delay, modulation, granulator, formant filter, decimator, bit crusher and high and low pass filters. Altogether, an unlimited number of one-of-a-kind effects are possible, making SPACE DUCK perfect for sound designers, game developers and producers looking to elevate their music tracks.

All musicians deserve to make music regardless of their circumstances, therefore, all 2getheraudio products are PAY-WHAT-YOU-WANT and 10% can go to a charity of your choice. Go here to join our mission for a better world.



.zip (Size: 40.77 MB / Downloads: 12)
.zip (Size: 42.34 MB / Downloads: 1)

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