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LightPadSynth - Bam - 06-05-2020


[Image: lightpadsynth.png]

ote: I don't have mac so macOS build is not tested. If you find bug, please report it to

Info: For Linux, LV2 version is available at

LightPadSynth is a lightweight version of CubicPadSynth. Pitch modulation is omitted for efficiency, but a modulatable delay is added for each voice.

Full list of differences to CubicPadSynth:

Removed pitch envelope.
Removed profile frequency randomization.
Removed PADsynth spectrum inversion.
Changed FFT library from FFTW3 to AudioFFT (Ooura) for portability.
Changed wavetable interpolation from cubic to linear.
Changed filter to 3-pole IIR.
Changed LFO to modulate delay time instead of pitch.
Added a delay for each voice.
Added wavetable buffer size option up to 2^21 samples.


.zip (Size: 1.97 MB / Downloads: 12)

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