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Modul 8 - Bam - 09-04-2020

Modul 8

[Image: lessTNH.jpg]

Modul 8 is a dual LFO stereo chorus.

It is inspired by multiple Japanese stomp-boxes well known for their unique sound and approach to modulation.

The resulting modulation is a combination of two LFOs scaled according to their respective modulation width, which results in almost endless number of rhythmic variations in the modulation pattern.
Two independent LFOs with on/off switches and adjustable speed and width (LFO A oscillates at 0.8 Hz to 8 Hz, and LFO B oscillates at 0.3 Hz to 3 Hz).
Feedback control that sets the amount of flanging.
Optional filtering and adjustable drive of modulated signal.
Phase invert on R channel for wide stereo (mono incompatible).
LFO mute “kill-switch” for musical phrasing.
Separate wet and dry controls.


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