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Kraftwerk - Ralf And Florian - bluesmoke - 05-02-2020

Kraftwerk - Ralf And Florian
I think I wrote somewhere that I hadn't heard Kraftwerk's third album.
I was wrong.
Maconie chose it as his featured album on Sunday (Freak Zone, BBC 6Music) - and every track he played was as familiar to me as anything on Autobahn or Radio-Activity.
I can only assume someone gave me a copy on cassette, long long ago ...

More accessible / mainstream than the first two albums (Plank's influence, no doubt), it is still quite avant-garde.
But most of the elements of the synth-pop phenomenon they were about to unleash on the world with their next album are already clearly audible.

It is extraordinary that this album has never had an official CD release - it deserves a place in every Kraftwerk fan's collection.

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