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Aethereal VSTI - tf-drone - 23-12-2019 that is missing in the bundle:
[Image: YU93PJR.jpg]
ambient vector synth, 2009-12-18, 30 MB (zip)
(text copied from VST4free)
 for creating evolving atmospheres and textures.
Aethereal comes equipped with over 100 built in sampled sounds such as synth tones, atmospheres, vocal pads and sound FX. The sounds can be loaded into 4 wave oscillators which can be mixed between using a sophisticated 4-Way TransMixer, either manually, with auto-modulation or in a set transition from one sound to the next.
The Auto-Modulation section can also control the Multi-Vector, which uses three X/Y Position Points to modulate various parameters. Each point can be assigned to 2 different parameters which are then controlled in the vector grid by moving the Position Point up/down & left/right. To add to the modulation options is a 16-step mod sequencer, which can modulate things like the filter and pitch.
All of this along with 2 multi-stage filters, a dual delay, 3 modulation envelopes and assignable modwheel and pitchbender make Aethereal a very flexible and expressive ambient synthesizer with many possibilities.
Over 100 built in sounds
4 wave oscillators with independant amp envelopes
oscillators are divided into 2 sections that can be routed to seperate audio output channels
4-Way TransMixer for making set transitions from one sound to another
Multi-Vector for modulating various parameters in an X/Y path
16-Step Modulation Sequencer - For sequenced modulation of pitch and filters
2 filter sections, each with envelopes, inverters, gain compensation & multiple stages
3 modulation envelopes
Dual Stereo Delay section
Assignable pitchbend and modwheel
64 presets

.zip (Size: 28.95 MB / Downloads: 16)

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