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TAL-Reverb-2 - Bam - 18-11-2019


[Image: tal-reverb-2.png]

TAL Reverb-II is a super diffuse and lush reverb effect with a fast build up time. Ideal for ambient reverb sounds.

TAL-Reverb-II is a stereo plate reverb. TAL-Reverb II is an improved version of the successfully TAL-Reverb I. Improvements in usablity and sound were made. Added a simple subtractive EQ section and a stereo input mode. Each control has its own label that shows the actual value.

I tried to create a colorless and maximal diffuse plate reverb without grains and digital artefacts that is usable for a wide range of audio material. Its the result of intense tuning and testing. Think it has exactly the sound i wanted, hope i have good ears and a good taste :/



.zip (Size: 31.93 MB / Downloads: 7)

.zip (Size: 5.64 MB / Downloads: 2)

RE: TAL-Reverb-2 - bluesmoke - 07-12-2019

Can be hard to tame sometimes, but version 2 remains my favourite plate 'verb.

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