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OverToner(v2) - Bam - 15-11-2019


[Image: OverTonerV2_50.png]

The OverToner is a distortion unit designed to expand the spectrum of your sound. You have the choice  between 13 overtoning functions. The expanded output signal could be processed with a two band analog approximated band pass filter.It is possible to activate/deactivate and parameterize each filter band independently. The filter sections and the distortion section provides its own dry/wet controller e.g. for parallel processing. All parameter settings could be stored and fast reloaded in one of four programmable user presets.

Product Highlights
Two analog approximated output filters
13 overtoning functions
Four programmable user presets
Dry/wet controllers for each section
Smoothed controller fading


.zip (Size: 1.01 MB / Downloads: 10)

RE: OverToner(v2) - rockbox - 18-11-2019

thanks a lot!

RE: OverToner(v2) - David1980 - 18-11-2019


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