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Coalition - Bam - 11-06-2019


[Bild: vWb0mQr.jpg]

Join the Coalition and get your game on! This chip synth boasts over 100 waveforms and the modulation options to give you those old school sounds easily. And there are lots of presets to make chip tunes immediately!

   – 102 Chip Waves Including Noise
   – 4 Oscillators – Sinc^8 Interpolated (Sample Based) with dedicated amplitude ADSRs
   – 2 State Variable Filters (low, high, bandpass, reject)
   – Filter modulation section with 2 ADSRs, 1 LFO, and 1 CV Sequencer
   – Pitch modulation section with 2 Pitch Sequencers, 2 ADSRs, and 1 LFO
   – All LFOs and sequencers are synced to host tempo
   – 3 Voice Stealing Modes for effective waveform looping in monophonic (with or without retrigger and glide functions activated) and polyphonic modes.
   – Oversampling up to 32x
   – Internal preset manager with 135 factory presets.

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