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Antifreeze - Bam - 11-03-2019



VST Plugin Instrument (Synthesizer).

The star of the Antifreeze Synthesizer is the Pitch LFO. Use it to create sparkling pads and video game style sound effects. Features 2 oscillators, an amplifier envelope, a filter, a delay, tempo-sync, and much more. This is a collaboration between SynthIV and Lurker Beats @beatslurker.

(Windows VST2, Windows 64bit vst, MAC VST3)



RE: Antifreeze - tf-drone - 03-05-2019

[Image: b7OWClN.jpg]
Version 1.2

released 2019-03-19 by SynthIV and Lurker Beats
-bug fixes.
-added LFO > PWM control.
-Removed hp/lp.
-Added 3-band EQ.
-Fixed Cutoff Modulation issues.


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