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Misstortion VST - Bam - 03-10-2018

Misstortion VST

[Image: oASEUX.png]

Free and open source distortion plugin for VST-based hosts. Does its best to be like Logic's Clip Distortion, which makes it very useful for the Hardstyle genre.

Hard clip: Simple hard clip distortion.
Soft clip: Hyperbolic soft clip distortion.
Symmetry: Make your waveform asymmetrical for more finetuned distortion.
It's free! It runs on Windows and Mac DAW's, both 32 bit and 64 bit, so there's no need to bridge them by hand. It's also open source! There's also a Nimble Tools Discord for more info and support.


.zip (Size: 5.57 MB / Downloads: 12)
.zip (Size: 1.56 MB / Downloads: 1)

RE: Misstortion VST - jmythex - 04-10-2018

Brauch ich unbedingt.. Danke :-D

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