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Velo Drumseq - the one and only - Mira-Katharina - 14-09-2018

Velo Drumseq
[Image: bXtYV8D.jpg]
this is an oustanding sequencer plugin which behaves a Note-Sequencer and a 10-Channel Drum-Sequencer in one thing.
It is very stable, and the missing link for DAWs wihout any Sequencers.
Both Sequencers have 16 Steps - that is fixed. It is more important to sync exactly - than to reduce steps. Of course, it can be nice, too - but it is really not easy to realize.

The Drum-Trigger-Section has 10 Channels - it should be enough. The tricky thing is that you can set it to OFF (dark), 50% Velocity (blue) and 100 % Velocity (red) - for each Instrument by pushing the Buttons more times.

Additionally you can use a global Velocity-Function with the Velo-Link ON. Then the Velocity from the Note-Sequencer can give some accent on each Step for all Drum-Instruments.
Notice: The 909 - Presets will work on the DR 910 VST, and the 808 use the RC 808. Set the Note-Numbers four your special levels.

If you are clicking on "browse" a pop up window for direct patch selection will open.

Check it out - I think you will have fun Smile
Win32 VST. For 64 Bit Operation you will need the JBridge.

.mp3   Velo_Drumseq_on_BFD_ECO.mp3 (Size: 1.4 MB / Downloads: 16)

.mp3   Velo_Drumseq_on_RC_808.mp3 (Size: 3.02 MB / Downloads: 13)

.mp3   Velo_Drumseq_on_DR_910.mp3 (Size: 1,018.37 KB / Downloads: 11)

.zip (Size: 3.36 MB / Downloads: 7)

RE: Velo Drumseq - the one and only - bluesmoke - 28-09-2018

Genau die Art von Sache, nach der ich gesucht habe - Danke!

Just the kind of thing I was looking for - Thank You!

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