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M/Ster Balance (VST Effect - PC) - Bam - 16-08-2018

M/Ster Balance (VST Effect - PC)

[Image: mster-balance.jpg]

M/Ster Balance is a plugin designed for fast results. It allows you to control the tone of the sound and the stereo field with only 4 knobs through an intelligent algorithm. It features a transparent crossover filter that divides the signal in 2 bands: low (mono) and high (stereo). You control the balance of those 2 bands. Then the signal goes to a Mid-Side processor where you control the balance of the stereo field. A final gain stage allows you to compensate differences of level so you can compare the sound before and after the plugin processing. There is even a final onboard limiter (acts at 0dB FS - prevents clipping), if you ever need it.

Based on technologies from several of my VST plugins (Master, Bass Bus, M/S EQ and Speaker Blower), those big knobs allow you to have total control over the sound. Use this plugin for tonal effects, eq/filtering, reverb control, stereo field control, phase control,… It´s great for tracking, mixing and mastering. This is a 32 bit VST plugin.

There are no user presets so experimentation is the key to success! Check the video to see how it works!


.zip (Size: 2.35 MB / Downloads: 7)

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