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Fathom - Bam - 07-08-2018


[Image: ysY3CEe.jpg]

Free-hand and Bezier curve Wave Drawing, WAV Single Cycle Import/Export.

7 Types of Oscillators + AM/FM, 8 Detune Voices, Noise and Distortion.

6 Effects including Chorus, Reverb, 3 Channel Digital Delay, 8 Channel Phaser.

7 Modulators including ADSR, Drawable LFO, Multi-Segment Envelope, Sequencer, Random.

Envelope Segments include Line, Exponential, Bezier, Double Bezier, Non-Linear Sin.

16  x 16 Wave Table with Morph, Add, Subtract, Phase/Pulse Width Modulation.

Continuously Resizable GUI.

32 Types of Filters.


.rar   Fathom V.2.17.rar (Size: 77.67 MB / Downloads: 42)

RE: Fathom - Miq - 08-08-2018

Im Webshop gibt es die Pro-Version gerade mal wieder für 35$ (~31€)
War schon einmal noch billiger, aber lohnt sich dennoch.

RE: Fathom - Knob Twiddler - 01-10-2018

So what are the limitations for this one if there is a pro version?
I found this on my harddisc but it is called Fathom Mono and is a blue version with version number 1.0.11...

RE: Fathom - tf-drone - 01-10-2018

Free = Mono
Pro = Poly

RE: Fathom - Knob Twiddler - 01-10-2018

(01-10-2018, 03:29 PM)tf-drone Wrote: Free = Mono
Pro = Poly

So this is the full Version with download before the payed upgrades?

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