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music-society specialpack SynthIV- for registered Users free to download! - Bam - 27-07-2018

music-society specialpack SynthIV

Anaesthesia Distortion

[Image: AQL37ck.jpg]

Anaesthesia Distortion is a distortion effect with a shapeable filter.
Distortion, filter/shaper and limiter, Digital and tube distortion modes.
Fold digital distortion signal and adjust bias for tube distortion.
Filter/shaper is a filter/equalizer with offset and resonance controls.
Limiter has gain control, output level, and Lo and Hi limits.
Bypass switches for all three parts.
Dry volume slider

[Image: mensBB3.jpg]

GSS-370 is an approximate emulation (sound-a-like) of the Yamaha PSS-370's synthesizer.

Circuit-bending modifications have been added as well.
PSS-370's digital synthesizer controls (5 waveforms, octave of modulating oscillator, frequency modulation level, Attack, Decay, and level.  Vibrato and sustain(release) switch included)
Switch between standard and 'circuit-bent' controls.
Decibel reading and peak indicator.
Gain (boost).
V-Mod (amount note velocity will affect vibrato depth).
Filter with cutoff, resonance (both LFO controllable), fill, and dry knobs.
LFO with frequency and depth controls.
Send LFO to: Pitch, PWM (active when Wave=5/pulse), Pan, or Volume.  On/off switch included.
Mod wheel controls LFO frequency.
IV Line

[Image: 7R0Nsip.jpg]

IV Line is a 4 step synthesizer / sequencer.

Select the pitch of each oscillator to create melodies, use the array of controls and filters to find the perfect tones, and use the tempo synced delay and sequencer to create trance-like rhythms.

Each step is it's own synthesizer with waveform selector, pitch selector (note, octave, microtones), moog style filter, and a biquad filter with several filter types as well as length/attack/decay controls. Adjust the timing and division of the steps (tempo-synced) with their respective controls and use the delay (also tempo-synced) to create complex rhythms along with it.

Version 2.1 adds a lot of new graphics and controls, including midi and output controls; bend range, HP/LP filters, glide rate, and a keyboard(use the logo/midi selector to show/hide these controls), peak meters for each step, and a system on control (Runs the sequencer when there is no MIDI input).  Select MIDI (under pitch) to allow that synth/step to be midi controlled.  Pitch selector sets pitch from MIDI base note, so set note to 0 when using the midi in the get the correct pitch. This synth is monophonic.

[Image: 4T63yWa.jpg]

Mini-Chord is a chord organ.

It plays a four-note chord for each note hit. Select the wave type to get familiar electric organ tones and use the tempo-synced effects to add rhythm and movement to create entirely unique sounds.

[Image: MmGzgSW.jpg]

eviah is a 3 tempo-synced delays with an assortment of filters and effects.


[Image: CvGsZS6.jpg]

Omission is a step-sequenced volume reducer/muter.

Create an arrangement of 16 steps of silence or sound, adjust the relative volume, and multiply the speed of each pattern. Tempo-synced.
Soft Glow Organ

[Image: 1s8MJzm.jpg]

Soft Glow Organ is a rompler that uses samples from a 1960s electric organ and synthesizer-style controls to produce warm sounds with modern effects.

Sample plays on note hit (sample will play for over 30s). Amplifier envelope, filter envelope, hp/lp filters, reverb, boost (which can be chained after the filters), LFO (tempo-synced) which can be sent to the sample pitch (vibrato), filter pitch, and pan, mixer with an assignable volume knob, and a panel of extra controls (including mod wheel and a fine tuner) hidden under the reverb controls (use the reverb / controls selector).
Stereo Pulse

[Image: GY0eqqz.jpg]

Stereo Pulse is a tempo-synced auto-pan effect with discrete left and right channels.
Division divides each beat.
On/Off bypasses on each side.
L/R knobs controls effect volume.
Tempo is detected and set tempo is write-in.
Stereo Pulse Ultra

[Image: x7W65J9.jpg]

Stereo Pulse Ultra is a tempo-synced pulse effect with discrete left and right channels.

Two tempo-synced pulses (volume LFOs) for each side (L/R).  Adjust their timing, alignment, and volume to create rhythmic stereo textures.
Left and Right Channels run independently (unless "mix to mono" is on).
Bypass switches over the peak meters.  Tempo synced (or set the tempo by typing it in).
Beat division has a TON of options.
Phase slider aligns the pulse waves, or set the phases 5 units apart (5 and 10) to spread the pulses evenly apart.
The selector (front/back) under tempo controls shows/hides a quick help window.

[Image: mrjYsNn.jpg]

THE LOUD is a 2 oscillators bass synthesizer.

The main synthesizer works parallel to another synthesizer with a low pass filter and boost circuit that ensures you have all the low end you could ask for.

The loud is a two in one virtual additive synthesizer. The Main synthesizer (two oscillators) has its own amplifier envelope and a shared filter envelope. The Low synthesizer has its own amplifier envelope (switchable) and runs directly through a low pass filter/boost circuit before the shared filter envelope. 3-mode chorus effect, wave scope that compares main/low output, visual frequency analyser, selectable ave types, poly and mono modes, stereo out.
The Visitor

[Image: vA4GbRc.jpg]

The Visitor is a stereo chorus synthesizer.

It boasts a tempo-synced stereo chorus effect for spooky, wavy pads and fat, detuned basses.  

Each side (L,R) has it's own independent synth/filter circuit with static and envelope filters.  The stereo chorus modulates the pitch of each synth to create the effect.  The depth/detune turned to max drifts the pitch 1/2 step.  HP/LP are chained before the filter envelope.  Waveform select, poly/mono modes, and output.  (synth/input volume controlled by small, unlabeled knob above output knob)

.zip   music-society specialpack (Size: 62.45 MB / Downloads: 49)

RE: music-society specialpack SynthIV- for registered Users free to download! - tf-drone - 30-07-2018


I do have three more, but I do not have the time to present them properly here. Sorry.

KoS: crazy effect
.zip (Size: 5.86 MB / Downloads: 16)

MGCK: synth (Beta 1 and Beta 2  included)
.zip (Size: 7.85 MB / Downloads: 13)

ZRSS: harmonic sequencer
.zip (Size: 2.72 MB / Downloads: 17)

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