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K-Meter - Bam - 26-07-2018


[Image: kmeter_thumb.png]

Implementation of a K-System meteraccording to Bob Katz’ specifications.
K-Meter supports mono, stereo and 5.1 surround sound signals. All meters have been thoroughly validated. The average meter reads either RMS levels or ITU BS.1770-1 loudness weighted levels.
K-Meter was featured in an article by NPR Labs. Also, some users have reported that they use K-Meter for teaching, while others use it professionally such as in post-production.
I have merely added this section to show you that while K-Meter is free software, it delivers (at least) the same quality that you would expect from commercial software.
Platform:GNU/LinuxWindows 7 (and above)Language:C++Type:LV2 plug-inVST2 plug-inVST3 plug-instand-alone executable

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