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COCOA DELAY - Bam - 11-06-2018


[Image: screenshot.png]

Cocoa Delay is a free, open-source delay plugin in VST format. It focuses on clean design, easy operation, and a warm, lively sound.

Notable features:

Delay time drift, for giving the wet signal a slight wow/flutter effect
Adjustable wet level ducking based on the input signal
Static, ping-pong, and circular pan modes
Drive section based on open-source Airwindows saturation code


.rar   CocoaDelay32.rar (Size: 607.14 KB / Downloads: 10)
.rar   CocoaDelay64.rar (Size: 624.3 KB / Downloads: 12)

RE: COCOA DELAY - Bam - 22-07-2018

update to v1.0 alpha 3


- Added a drift speed parameter.
- Fixed drive iterations knob not graying out when drive gain is set to 0.

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