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Regrader - degenerative delay processor - Bam - 07-06-2018

Regrader - degenerative delay processor

[Image: preview.jpg]

A VST effects plugin.

Regrader provides a delay effect in which the repeats degrade in various ways to provide a malevolent twist on the ears.

Echoes disintegrate, are decimated, piercingly oscillate and are finally mangled into a sound reminiscent of a jet engine processing gravel. Each of the modules within Regrader have different routing possibilities to finely tune your carefully sculpted noise. Think industrial or dark sound design to find a purpose for the plugin.

The delays repeats can be synced to the hosts tempo and time signature, and all properties of Regrader can be controlled and automated.

The archive contains VST2.4 and VST3.0 plugins for both macOS (10.10/Yosemite and higher) and Windows 10. Linux packages are currently not provided, though you can build from source. Installation instructions are provided inside the archive's README file.


.zip (Size: 9.36 MB / Downloads: 17)

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