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The Drivefactor - Bam - 06-06-2018

The Drivefactor

[Image: JOSAPpZ.jpg]

The Drivefactor is an input sensitive Overdrive/Distortion plugin offering various clipping modes from soft clipping to more extreme Distortions.

Its based on the behaviour of regular overdrive and distortion stompboxes offering the user some classic solid state overdrive and distortion tones with a lot of fuzz in between.

Drivefactor is a temperamental plugin and reacts to what you throw at it in a dynamic way, responding differently to soft and loud input sounds.

The Drivefactor is fully automatable and has the ability to store 64 presets. It ships with a few already pre programmed ones that will show what its all about.

Installation procedure: Unzip the file, then copy the DLLs into your VstPlugins folder.


.zip (Size: 1.24 MB / Downloads: 12)

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