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CrazyCounter - Bam - 22-03-2018


[Image: crazycounterstore.png]

CrazyCounter is a metronome with a twist, the prototype for CrazyRhythm and the most basic plugin of the 'Crazy' series.
It allows you to create custom time signatures using either note lengths, ratios or a combination of both. It also has MIDI output for both channels so another VST plugin can be controlled with it.

The concept: a different approach.
The plugins of the 'Crazy' series are based on a different approach to measures and rhythms, particulary polyrhythms. Instead of using pre-defined note lengths to create a time signature the plugins use tempo ratios between the different notes. The base tempo used is your DAW project tempo.

A ratio of 1 against 2 at 120BPM would make a time signature of 120BPM against 240BPM, in other words: the notes that have a ratio of 2 are played twice as fast as the notes that have a ratio of 1.
In the "old way" this would be a time signature of 1/2 or 2/4, etc.

Okay, but what is the difference?
By using tempo ratios instead of note lengths you can essentially set the note lenghts to anything. What about a ratio of PI against the square-root of 2? Or any other decimal number? By using ratios we can create time signatures and polyrhythms that would otherwise be very hard to create through conventional means.

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