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Retrox Drums - Bam - 06-03-2018

Retrox Drums

[Image: PyQ8LtF.png]

Retrox Drums is a new free VST/AU instrument ROMpler for Win & Mac systems, carefully designed in our sound laboratory. Retrox Drums featuring the sound of the classic drum machines of the 80s, with this initial version you get one for free the drum machine: BOSS DR-110 Dr. Rhythm.

Retrox Drums will be expandable with other legendary machines through expansions for a very fair and reasonable price.


   Windows & Mac.
   LP Filter.
   32/64 bit.
   One Free Machine.
   Amplitude Range.
   Multi-Out Support.
   VST3 Support.
   Download size: 20,3 MB – Unzipped size: 30 MB.

System Requirements on Windows:

   Windows 7 – 8 – 10
   200 MB Disk Space
   500 MB Ram
   VST host (32-bit or 64-bit)

System Requirements on Mac OS X:

   OS X 10.4 And Above
   200 MB Disk Space
   500 MB Ram
   AU or VST host (32-bit or 64-bit)


.zip   RETROX DRUMS v1.0 WIN32 (Size: 20.38 MB / Downloads: 10)
.zip   RETROX DRUMS v1.0 (Size: 20.38 MB / Downloads: 13)
.zip   RETROX DRUMS v1.0 WIN64 (Size: 20.59 MB / Downloads: 9)
.zip   RETROX DRUMS v1.0 (Size: 20.59 MB / Downloads: 18)
.zip   Retrox Drums (Size: 28.34 MB / Downloads: 2)
.zip   Retrox Drums (Size: 28.34 MB / Downloads: 2)
.zip   Retrox Drums (Size: 28.34 MB / Downloads: 2)

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