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SpectralHarp - Bam - 03-03-2018


[Image: pvx6jhD.png]

SpectralHarp lets you strum the sound spectrum in various ways by giving you a set of strings that activate different frequencies depending on how you configure them. You can choose the portion of the sound spectrum you want to strum as well as how many strings to display from that portion. There are additional knobs for Pitch, Decay, and Crush, which allow you to further modify the sound.

The standalone version also supports controlling parameters with MIDI: simply right-click on a control, select MIDI Learn, and then twiddle a knob on your connected device to map it to that control.


.zip (Size: 486.96 KB / Downloads: 23)
.zip (Size: 429.34 KB / Downloads: 22)
.zip (Size: 923.06 KB / Downloads: 2)

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