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LV2 1.0.0 - Linux - Bam - 23-04-2012

LV2 1.0.0

[Image: lv2_neutral.png]

LV2 is a plugin standard for audio systems.

It defines a minimal yet extensible C API for plugin code and a format for plugin "bundles". It is a successor of the older LADSPA that aims to remain simple yet adds extensibility which enables more advanced plugin functionality (e.g. MIDI or graphical interfaces).

This release merges the previous lv2core package with all the official extension packages, as well as example plugins, lv2specgen, and additional data. With this release, several new extensions have become stable that together greatly increase the power of LV2: atom, log, parameters, patch, port-groups, port-props, resize-port, state, time, worker.

LV2 Trac

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