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The Pilgrim v2 - Bam - 23-04-2012

The Pilgrim v2

[Image: The_Pilgrim_Interface_Image_v2.png]

The Pilgrim is a highpass & lowpass filter in one dial with a seamless sweep between the two.

It operates in a manner similar to the Pioneer DJM mixers, with some additional functionality: a wet/dry dial which can also be used as a basic equalizer/shelf filter.

The frequency pass range is from 60Hz (lowpass) to 19kHz (highpass).

Changes in v2:

    New look GUI.
    Suitable for live use.
    Larger display size.
    Dial values always shown.
    MIDI controllable (MIDI learn).
    'Zipper-free' parameter changes.

Arctican Audio - The Pilgrim

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