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BRITTLE VST/AU - Bam - 19-02-2018


[Image: 6ZTRUAp.png]

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BRITTLE VST/AU is a demo version of Flintpope’s Sculpture presets  for Logic and Mainstage for Mac.

This plug-in instrument of course works on any platform and is free too.

Featuring 16 of the 24 BRITTLE Sculpture presets, this VST/AU gives more than just a flavour of the full soundset. Whether you just want an unusual effect for a track or want to dive into a surreal soundscape that would work equally well in a modern ballet or an indie horror film… try BRITTLE.

The BRITTLE plug-in takes GUI inspiration from a painter’s palette and features 16 coloured buttons that light-up red when live; the instruments loads with buttons 1 and 16 active. Activate any combination up to 16 buttons to get interesting overlays of sounds. The instrument is 32 note polyphonic so have fun.


.rar   Win 32 VST.rar (Size: 24.11 MB / Downloads: 17)
.rar   Win 64 VST.rar (Size: 24.29 MB / Downloads: 15)
.rar   AU for Mac.rar (Size: 27.06 MB / Downloads: 1)
.rar   VST for Mac.rar (Size: 27.06 MB / Downloads: 1)

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