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Quilcom PMS - Bam - 09-11-2017

Quilcom PMS

[Image: Main-screen-with-PS-x4.jpg]

The Quilcom PMS is a general purpose Physical Modelling Synthesiser, capable of emulating a wide range of acoustic instruments as well as creating new sounds from the schemes available..

The download includes background documents on the principles and methods of PM, my detailed user reference guide, the Flowstone schematic and VSTi plugins. There are 2 plugin versions with different sized GUIs but no other differences.

I’ve made a YouTube video giving an overview and some preset sounds are demonstrated:


.zip (Size: 27.04 MB / Downloads: 30)

RE: Quilcom PMS - tf-drone - 10-11-2017


das ist ein interessantes Ding. Die Gitarren, Glocken usw., in der Tat alles, was angeschlagen wird, klingen spannend. Die Strings dagegen finde ich käsig und blass.

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