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HY-Lofi2 - Bam - 27-10-2017


[Image: tb1aLaM.png]

HY-Lofi2 combines a bit quantizer, distortion/waveshaper unit, and a filter section with high pass and low pass filters.

Two new quantizer modes have been added for a total of 4. With various quality options and a knob for bit depth, it offers a nice range of degradation from subtle to complete audio destruction. Mode 3 and 4 are modified versions of the original two modes. While they may sound similar, they respond in different ways when using various quality and bit depth values.

HY-Lofi2 is available for Windows VST/VST3 (32/64-bit, requires Windows 7 or higher) and Mac VST/VST3/AU (32/64-bit, requires Mac OSX 10.8 or higher).


.zip   HY-SeqCollection_free(x64).zip (Size: 6.03 MB / Downloads: 9)
.zip (Size: 8.81 MB / Downloads: 3)

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