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PhatNoise Delay - Bam - 21-10-2017

PhatNoise Delay

[Image: W0Lz2ca.jpg]

PhatNoise Delay is an old school type plugin which emulates the rich and thick sound of tape echo units from the 70’s, like the WEM copycat.

PhatNoise is designed with an extremely intuitive interface as it is intended to be the perfect inclusion for any beginners setup. Just start turning the dials through its intuitive interface, you will instantly be moulding and pressing the sound into the PhatNoise shape you want, with minimal effort.

PhatNoise is highly optimized, so CPU usage is minimal, allowing for multiple instances to be used in a project.


.zip (Size: 12.67 MB / Downloads: 13)

.zip (Size: 13.16 MB / Downloads: 12)

RE: PhatNoise Delay - milembam - 22-10-2017

Thanks alot. ..

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