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Utility - Bam - 23-09-2017


[Image: JljEg8G.jpg]

Utility is a free, lightweight, universal general purpose all in one digital channel strip plugin offering precise controls over various aspects of an audio signal, from mid/side processing to soft clipping.

Features include:

   input routing with separate pans for the left and right channels, or alternatively a pre mono balance control to decide how the left and right channels are blended for conversion into mono
   gain, and individual left and right channel gains, mutes
   pan and phase inversion of either channel
   width control, along with separate mid and side gain sliders and mutes
   maximally flat minimal phase high and low pass 12db/octave filtering
   optional hard and soft clipping at 0db
   everything is fully automatable with sensible parameter ranges/scaling


.zip   Utility 0.9.2 (Size: 2.22 MB / Downloads: 9)

.zip   Utility 0.9.2 (Size: 1.97 MB / Downloads: 1)

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