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Selector - Bam - 21-07-2017


[Image: fNizcmg.png]

Selector is a VST instrument plugin for controlling hardware MIDI synthesizers and other gear that responds to Bank/program change and CC messages.

With Selector you can easily switch Banks and Patches on your hardware synth, and automate it's parameters like Cutoff frequency and Resonance. (Or whatever controls your gear provides!)

Selector provides support for Cakewalk's instrument files (*.ins) for virtually any DAW that supports sending MIDI data from a plugin.

Instrument files consists of a list of a synth's banks and patches, and also definitions of it's MIDI controllable parameter.

Instrument files for various synthesizers are widely available on the internet, and you can easily do them your self.

As a bonus, Selector also supports Note Names, which is super handy for drum patches.

How to use:

   Load Selector VST into your DAW as an instrument plugin.
   Route Selector plugin to correct MIDI output (See your DAW's instructions how to do this).
   Click "Open" on Selector's top left corner, and choose *.ins file for your synth (not provided with the plugin, you must find/create it by your self!).
   Use Selector's "Ch" knob to choose the correct MIDI channel.
   Use the drop down menus to choose Bank and Patch on your synth. (You can also use the "Bank" and "Program" wheels to do this; it might end up on some happy accidents! Smile.
   The small triangle on bottom right corner provides access to configurable Continuous Control knobs (CC). And there's where the fun begins....

Additional buttons:

MIDI thru: When enabled, incoming MIDI data (from keyboard & controllers) are passed trough Selector to receiving hardware gear.

Trigger CC on PC: Re-sends current CC knob values when synth's patch is changed (by using the drop-down menu or Program wheel).
You can, for example, adjust your synths envelope (s) to certain state, and check how it sounds with different patches/presets. Or maybe adjust your kick drum's tune to match your song, and test different drum programs while that tune is maintained.

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